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In this section you may find the latest news around low calorie sweeteners research in relation to their safety and benefits in weight management, diabetes and oral health, or their role in a balanced diet.

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New review of the scientific evidence is consistent with regulatory decisions and reaffirms that sucralose is safe and does not cause cancer

Posted: September 2016

A new comprehensive systematic review, published in September 2016 by Berry et al. in Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal, reviewed all the available evidence and studies testing the safety and carcinogenicity of sucralose and confirmed that the sweetener is safe to consume and...

Sucralose consumption does not cause increases in appetite or food intake and can be an effective tool in reducing energy intake for weight management

Posted: July 2016

Contrary to claims by Wang et al., made in relationship to a new study which focuses on investigations in fruit flies, there is a broad body of scientific evidence which clearly demonstrates that low calorie sweeteners do not increase appetite or have any negative impact on energy...

Low calorie sweeteners can help people meet the dietary guidelines

Posted: March 2016

Establishing new food-based dietary guidelines is not just a worldwide trend, but also a need to move into a more holistic dietary approach. More specifically, the food-based dietary guidelines recognise that a healthy and balanced diet is more that just nutrient requirements...

Low calorie sweeteners are more likely to be used by dieters as a strategy for successful weight management

Posted: March 2016

People trying to lose weight always look for the most effective dietary tools to make the most of their effort, as weight loss can be a challenging undertaking. Searching online for diet tips can result in millions of controversial and unreliable advice and confuse rather than...

Drinking low calorie sweeteners beverages is associated with a better diet quality and lower energy intake, a new UK study suggests

Posted: January 2016

Following a healthy eating pattern is the new trend in the world of nutrition today and many experts agree it’s time to stop focusing on individual nutrients, and time to start talking about healthy eating patterns overall. A healthy eating pattern supports a healthy body weight and...

New clinical trial on the effects of low calorie sweetened beverages on body weight

Posted: December 2015

Being a successful “loser”, when it comes to weight loss and maintenance, is not exactly an easy task. Losing weight is hard already, but keeping the lost weight off is the biggest challenge. A number of epidemiological and clinical studies have identified certain strategies and tools...

Consensus statement on the benefits of low calorie sweeteners

Posted: December 2014

The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) is delighted to share a new consensus paper, published in the December issue of Nutrition Bulletin, a peer-reviewed journal. This paper, entitled Consensus statement on benefits of low-calorie sweeteners, has been developed by leading international...