Resources For Health Professionals

This section includes resources that have been developed for health professionals by the ISA in collaboration with worldwide renowned experts.

With the aim to provide evidence-based scientific information on the use, role and safety of low calorie sweeteners, the ISA booklet entitled ‘Low calorie sweeteners: Role and benefits’ and the ISA factsheets on low calorie sweeteners’ benefits can be downloaded below.
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ISA booklet 'Low calorie sweeteners: Role and benefits' (Updated April 2016)

For latest factual information on low calorie sweeteners, their characteristics and the evidence supporting their beneficial contribution to a balanced diet and lifestyle, please download our recently updated booklet entitled ‘Low calorie sweeteners: Role and benefits’.

This resource contains information on:

  • The Development of Sweet Taste
  • The Use and Role of Low Calorie Sweeteners
  • The Safety and Approval of Low Calorie Sweeteners
  • Benefits of Low Calorie Sweeteners for Diet and Health
  • Low Calorie Sweeteners and Special Health Considerations
  • Low calorie sweeteners and healthy lifestyle habits
  • The Characteristics of Low Calorie Sweeteners Commonly Used in Europe

‘Low Calorie Sweeteners: Role and Benefits’ is based on science, with references and contributions from internationally recognised experts, including Professor Andrew Renwick OBE, Dr Adam Drewnowski and Dr Carlo La Vecchia.

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